Hi there! I am so glad you found this site!

Let me introduce myself-my name is Kadi McCammack. I am a busy mom, wife, paramedic, dental assistant, and the owner of KADI MAE!

KADI MAE is a luxury self-care company that focuses not only on self-care, but the small business aspect of hand-crafted, quality products. You will find body, face, shower, bath, hair, and aromatherapy products all in my online store and at local markets!

I personally try to make self-care easy by conveniently delivering my much-needed products right to your door! Care and the proper research have been taken to make sure all products are PH balanced, follow IFRA guidelines, follow FDA guidelines, are made of safe, recyclable materials, and are formulated with the highest quality ingredients. 

By the way, did you know that partaking in a healthy mental and physical self-care routine is very important for your overall well-being? We are all human and taking care of ourselves can seem hard at times, but here at KADI MAE, taking care of yourself can be a breeze!

Maybe this is the sign you have been looking for-the sign that you need to start making yourself a priority! Self-care starts with you, so go ahead, start taking care of YOU!

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